VW Intermittent Wiper Module - Late

  • Updates classic VWs to have intermittent wipers.  
  • Fits ’73-’79 (models with a lever on the steering column.)
  • Utilizes the stock two speed wiper switch and motor for a totally stock appearance.
  • One year warranty
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

$72.99  PN 13027 (VW vehicles from ‘73 through ’79 with steering column lever)

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California Residents - WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Is there anyone who does not appreciate the intermittent wiper function?  Being able to set the wipers to swipe once every so-many seconds - that is convenience.  Whether it be a light rainfall or just some early morning mist, the intermittent function is nice to have.  Really nice.

This module was designed specifically for the VW Bugs and Vans.  Now your classic VeeDub can include this feature.  AND it does so while allowing you to keep your stock switch so the interior continues to look original.  

Works with VW vehicles with the factory two-speed wiper switch and motor.  The module installs between the switch and harness.  Three intermittent settings as well as the stock-slow and stock-fast settings become available.  The 13011 module can operate at 6V or 12V and it works with the single speed motor, too (you won't get a fast speed setting when you use a single speed motor, but you can have the three intermittent settings and a continuous-on setting.)  

No need to change your stock switch or stock motor.  Just wire in this module behind the dash, between the switch and harness.

"How are you able to use the stock switch and motor?" you ask?  Obviously, we can't use the switch in the typical manner with each position being a unique delay setting or speed.  Our module contains a microprocessor running software which uses the switch's three positions to sequence through a series of modes.  We like to describe these modes as "rungs of a ladder".  Each rung is a delay setting or a wiper speed.  The lowest rung of the latter is the longest delay (about once every 8 seconds).  The next rung up is the next shorter delay (about once every 5 seconds).  The third rung up is the shortest delay (about once every three seconds) with the fourth rung being a continuous (stock slow) speed.  The highest rung is the stock fast setting.  The stock switch has three positions.  Leaving the switch in the middle position (normally the stock slow speed setting) tells the software to stay at your current rung of the ladder.  Moving the switch briefly to the fast setting and back to the middle position tells the software to move up one rung.  Moving the switch briefly to the off setting and back to the middle tells the software to move down one rung.  Need a shorter delay? Just move the switch to the fast postion and back to the middle position to move up one rung of the ladder.  You can instantly move up to the top of the ladder by leaving the switch in the fast setting and you can instantly move to the bottom of the ladder by leaving the swich in the off position.  

Another analogy for the way this works is to think about how some of the modern automatic transmissions use a slap-shift position on the console.  Move the selector into this position and you slap the handle up to shift up one gear or slap it down to shift down one gear.  Need to go down two gears? Slap the handle down twice.  Moving up or down the "rungs of the ladder" works the same way.

Take a look at this video to see the module in action

(This video is for the GM module, but the VW version works the same)

$72.99  PN 13027 (VWs from ’73 - ’79 with steering column mounted lever)

13027 Installation.PDF

Tech Specs:

2”x1.5”x1” plastic enclosure with mounting tabs.

Internal 7.5A resettable fuse

Three delay periods: one swipe every 8 seconds, once every 6, and once every 3.

Fully potted

Model 13011 works with 6v and 12v systems

6 inch long, 18 gauge wires

Microprocessor controlled

Simple installation, no cutting or splicing required.

Made in USA

One year warranty

30 day money back guarantee when purchased from our eBay or Amazon store.

California Residents - WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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