About us

If you hadn't guessed already, we're a pretty small company.  Because of that, we are very nimble and can respond to customer requests very quickly.  

Our products are all items we wanted for our cars but couldn't find out in the market.  We use our products on our own vehicles and figured that someone (you) would probably have the same need.  There is no pencil pusher in an ivory tower over here telling us to build another me-too copy of something already being done.  

All our products are assembled and packaged on-site here in the USA.  This gives us complete control over the quality of our products.  All products are tested at several stages and are tested again before being packaged.  Mistakes do happen, but you can rest assured that it is very unlikely you will receive a defective product from us.  We hate returns as much as you do (perhaps even more so because we are so dependent on word-of-mouth advertising); we know that one bad customer experience can easily lead to ten lost sales.  If we mess up, let us know.  If you think we need to do more, tell us.  If you have suggestions for improvements or new products, we are all ears.  

Our engineering staff doubles as tech support, so you can be certain that the answer you get is real and not from some high-school-flunkie reading from a script.  

If you think we have an interesting product or two which you want for your car, give us a try.  You wont be disappointed.

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