It is our intent to get you any information you might need to have the best experience with our products.  If there is something you were looking for, but didn’t find, please let us know.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in California.  Unlike other companies who get their circuit boards manufactured overseas or across the border,  REVOLUTION ELECTRONICS builds all products on-site from components sourced in the U.S.A.

Download installation instructions (PDF):

12003    Fuel Pump Controller

12005    Radio Power-Off Delay (Ground Sourcing)

12007    Radio Power-Off Delay (Power Sourcing)

12011     Miata Headlight Auto Shut-off

13001    Dome Light Dimmer (Ground Sourcing)

13003    Dome Light Dimmer (Power Sourcing)

13005    Deluxe Dome Light Dimmer (Ground Sourcing)

13007    Deluxe Dome Light Dimmer (Power Sourcing)

13009    Intermittent Wiper Module - GM Standard Wipers     GM Switch Styles

13011     Intermittent Wiper Module - VW

13015     Intermittent Wiper Module - Ford '67-'68 Mustang

13015     Intermittent Wiper Module - Ford '69-'73 Mustang 

13021     LED Breathing Module

13023    Intermittent Wiper Module - GM Recessed-Park Wipers     GM Switch Styles

13031    Miata Cabin Lighting Fader

14001    Accessory Fuse Panel

14003   Headlight Auto Power-Off

14005   Quick-n-Easy Headlight Voltage Upgrade

14007    Isolation Stud

14015    C5 Ground Splice Pack Service Kit

14017    C5 Ground Splice Pack Corrosion Service Kit

14019    C5 ABS Code Clear

30 day Money Back guarantee?

When purchased through our Amazon or eBay stores, all Revolution Electronics products carry a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the product to us for a full refund within 30 days of reciept of shipment.  Item must be in new condition with all original packaging and accessories.  To initiate a return, please contact  Shipping and handling charges for returning items are borne by the buyer.  We recommend using a trackable shipping service when returning items.

What is your warranty?

All Revolution Electronics products carry a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original retail purchase. Revolution Electronics’ liability is strictly limited to the prompt repair or replacement of the defective product. Revolution Electronics shall not be responsible for (a) labor, transportation, or other incidental charges; (b) consequential or other damages incurred by use of any product. Revolution Electronics offers no other warranty beyond this limited warranty. This limited warranty does not apply to products which have been (a) modified or altered in any way; (b) subjected to adverse conditions, misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or adjustment, contaminants, corrosion, or faulty repair; or (c) used in applications other than those recommended by Revolution Electronics. To initiate a warranty process, the consumer must first contact technical support ( to receive a return authorization number. The product must be returned to Revolution Electronics complete with a dated receipt and a return authorization number.

Which do I need, Ground Sourcing or Power Sourcing?

A couple products monitor the dome light door switch to know when the door is opened.  The dome light needs both a ground and battery connection to light up.  The switch to the door can be placed on either the power side or the ground side and work equally well.  Which method is used depends on the manufacturer and/or what features were being implemented at the time. Use a voltmeter to test the voltage on the dome light when the dome light is off.  With the dome light off, it doesn’t matter which side of the dome light bulb you measure.  If the voltmeter shows battery voltage, then the door switch supplies the ground connection (so you need the ground sourcing version); this is how a ‘67-’69 Camaro is wired.  If, instead, the voltmeter shows 0V, the door switch supplies the 12v connection (so you need the power sourcing version); this is how the ‘64-’69 Mustangs were made. 

If you would like to install this unit on a modern car, we recommend visiting  Once there, select your vehicle and then select "Alarm/Remote Start".  You can now see the wire colors and location of those wires you need to connect to.  For all models, you will need a good ground source (that is easy, just a non-rusty piece of metal under the dash), and "Constant 12V".  

You will also need to identify how the dome light is triggered.  This is listed as "Door Trigger"; if the wire color has a "(-)" next to it, you will need a ground sourcing model.  If instead it has a "(+)" next to the wire color, you will need a power sourcing model.

If you want to install the 13005 or 13007 Deluxe models, you will need to do a little more work to determine where you can cut the door trigger wire so you can separate the door switch from the dome light (the 13001 and 13003 models can be much easier to install on newer vehicles for this reason.)  You will also need to locate the "Ignition" wire for a switched power source.

Can you help me with the installation of the GM Intermittent Wiper Module?  Something isn’t right...

Check out this page for diagnostic information.

What types of components do you use?

All components used in our products are intended for the automotive or industrial environments. 

Our wire is special automotive grade “TXL” which indicates it is a thin-wall, cross-linked polymer insulation.  This wire has a thinner insulation than other wires you may find on other products, but the size of the insulation has nothing to do with the current carrying capabilities of the wire.  This grade of wire is more expensive, but it is the correct type of wire for this environment and is the same wire used by OEs today.

Can I connect a Dome Light Dimmer to a modern car?

Absolutely!  You will need to figure out which model you need, but several people have done this with excellent results.  One piece of advice from one of these customers however: when connecting the Deluxe model to a vehicle with several different modules monitoring the door switch, you may need to install a diode between the door switch and the door-switch-sensing line on the Dimmer Module. 

I don't see a way to specify expedited shipping; how can I do this?

We are not set up to easily handle expedited shipping.  For this reason, we recommend you use one of our dealers for this service.  If you would like help determining which dealer most likely has the part you need in stock, send us an email and we will do our best.

Do you do Intermational shipping?

YES!  The easiest way to order internationally is through our eBay store.  We ship most items via USPS "small flat-rate box" which costs US$40 to most countries around the world and arrives in 10-14 days.  We can usually fit 2-3 units per box, so if you have a friend who also wants something, you might want to combine orders.

What is up with this cancer and reproductive harm warning?

The state of California requires this warning on all products sold into the state which could expose a consumer to levels 1000 times less than the permissible level (yep, you read that right, 1000 times less than the “safe" level).  All of our products contain either solder or various types of plastic or potting, etc.  Rather than scrutinize every last chemical in every component, we have chosen to place a warning on everything. 

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