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Fuel Pump Controller

This switch monitors the tach signal and shuts off the electric fuel pump if the engine stops.  Also primes the system at “key on” by allowing the pump to run for three seconds.

Dome Light Dimmer and Deluxe Dome Light Dimmer

Softens the interior lighting of your muscle car.  Keeps the dome light on for an additional period of time after the door is closed and then fades off slowly. 

Miata Cabin Lighting Fader

Softens the interior lighting of your 1990-1993 Miata.  Keeps the lights on for an additional period of time after the door is closed and then fades then off slowly.  This feature is especially nice if you have added additional LED lighting.  1990-93.

Miata Headlight Auto Shut-off

Automatically shuts off the headlights, running lights, and dash lights 10 seconds after you shut the key off.  Nice feature that keeps you from leaving the lights on and draining the battery.  1990-97.

Miata Radio Power-off Delay

Radio keeps playing after you turn the key off and continues until you open a door.  Will keep playing a maximum of 15 minutes.  1990-97.

LED Breathing Module

Adds a really cool "Breathing" effect to your accent lighting.  

Radio Power-off Delay

With this device, you can listen to your radio after turning the car off – just like modern luxury cars.  Keeps the radio powered up until you open the door or for a maximum of 15 minutes. 

Intermittent Wiper Module - GM, Ford, VW, etc.

Adds three intermittent wiper settings to your stock two-speed wipers.  Uses the stock switch and motor for a factory look.

Headlight Auto Power-off

Automatically turns off your headlights when you turn the ignition key off; just in case you forgot...  No more dead battery because you forgot to turn the headlights off.

Quick-n-Easy Headlight Voltage Upgrade

Brings battery voltage to your floor mounted High/Low Beam selector switch, increasing the voltage to the headlights without a ton of extra wiring.

Accessory Fuse Panel

Add an additional fuse panel with its own source of power from the battery.  Accepts ATC style fuses.

Power Isolation Stud for In-Tank Fuel Pump

Enables you to get power into the fuel tank without leaks or shorts.

C5 Corvette Splice Pack Service Kit

Restore your C5 ground connections to proper working condition.

C5 Corvette Highly-Corroded Splice Pack Service Kit

Extra components necessary when the terminals are badly corroded.

C5 Corvette ABS Code Clear

Turns off the ABS and Traction Control dash lights when installing an aftermarket ABS unit.

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