Accessory Fuse Panel


If you are at all like me, you keep adding cool electronic features to your classic car.  It doesn’t take too long before those additions start burdening your factory electrical system.  Maybe you hear the electric fuel pump change pitch when you activate the turn signals.  Maybe your dash lights dim slightly as you come to a stop light.  Or maybe the headlights seem to pulsate to the beat of the radio. 

Any of these symptoms is most likely telling you the main electrical wiring is being asked to do too much.  Every wire has resistance and this resistance causes voltage drops as you pull more and more current through the wire. 

The best solution is to add an additional fuse panel with its own source of battery power.  This kit does exactly that.  You get a 6 circuit panel with 15 feet of 10 gauge wire along with some mounting hardware and electrical terminals (sorry, because we don’t know what you are attaching to the panel, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to throw in fuses you may or may not use, so there are no fuses included.)  As you need power for your new accessory, add a fuse to the panel and pull power off the 1/4” spade next to the fuse. 

If you even THINK you might be having an issue, you should add this kit.  You will be glad you did.

$48.99   PN 14001 (Fuses not included)          Buy Now      

California Residents - WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

14001 Installation

Tech Specs:

One 6-circuit fuse panel (3.5”x2.5”x1”) max current of 100A

15 foot, 10 gauge GPT wire - red

crimp terminals and zip ties included 

Simple installation

California Residents - WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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