Intermittent Wipers

Is there anyone who does not appreciate the intermittent wiper function?  Being able to set the wipers to swipe once every so-many seconds - that is convenience.  Whether it be a light rainfall or just some early morning mist, the intermittent function is nice to have.  Really nice.

We offer several modules covering many vehicles.  All units assume you are using the factory wiper motor and factory two-speed switch.  If a factory delay option was offered, our kits assume you do NOT have that option and our modules are not a substitute for the factory delay module.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and maybe we have something that will work or we can add your application to the To-Do list.



          Standard - 13009

          Recessed Park (“Hiding wipers”) - 13023

          Corvette ’63-’67 - 13023

     ’78-'84 Coming soon...


      ’64-'66 - Sorry, nothing yet...

      ’67-‘79 - 13015


     ’67-’72 - 13011 (Rotary, dash-mounted switch)

     '73-’79 - 13027 (Lever actuated switch on the column)



Dodge Warlock


Jaguar E-Type


Toyota Corolla


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