Miata Cabin Light Fader

Cabin Light Fader

  • Controls the Miata's interior cabin lights to add a theater lighting effect.  Gradually turns the lights on and fades them off.
  • Monitors the door switches and switched power line to control the lights   When a door is opened, the cabin lights gradually brighten to full intensity.  When a door is closed, the lights remain on for 30 seconds then fade off.
  • Monitors the switched power line to refine the experience.  If the key is off, the cabin lights are held on for 30 seconds.  If the key is on, the cabin lights fade off as soon as the door is closed.  When the key is switched off, the cabin lights automatically turn on for 30 seconds.
  • Compatible with LED and incandescent bulbs up to 4 amps (for additional drive capacity, see our Output Multiplier).
  • Direct plug-in compatibility - no need to cut or splice your factory harness.
  • One year warranty

$74.99  PN 13031 (1990 - 1993 Miata (cars with dual factory interior lights)

13031 Installation.PDF          Buy Now         California Residents - WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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We’ve all seen it and now you can add this feature to your Miata.  The Cabin Light Fader monitors the door switches and switched power.  If a door opens, the cabin lights gradually brighten.  When the door is shut, the litghts remain on for a period of time and then fade off.  The amount of time the lights remain on depends on whether the ignition power is on or off.  If power is off, the dome light is kept on for 30 seconds after a door is shut.  If the key is turned on, there is no delay - the cabin lights fade off.  This module is really nice if you have added LEDs to improve the amount of cabin lighting.  Fully compatible with LED lighting.

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Tech Specs:

2”x1.5”x1” plastic enclosure with mounting tabs.

Fully potted

Microprocessor controlled

Simple installation

Made in the USA

California Residents - WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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