Intermittent Wipers into a '72 Chevy Truck

These photos document the switch/harness wiring for our intermittent wiper module (part number 13009) into a '72 Chevy Truck.  The switch has three wires in a line with two of the wires being close together and one wire off by itself.  The module's blue wire is attached to the switch contact off by itself.  The orange wires are attached to the center contact and the green wire is connected to the only remaining switch contact.  On the harness side, the light blue, orange, and light green wires mirror the switch wiring.  See photos below.

stock wiring

Stock Wiring

switch wiring

Module wiring to switch

Harness wiring

Module wiring to factory harness

The only thing left is switched power and a good ground connection, which you probably don't need pictures to figure out.  

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